From hyperrealism to abstract, I try to break the wall between traditional oil painting and digital, merging mediums to form a new twist on classic portraiture. I primarily concentrate on revealing a simpler form, painting bold lines and vivid highlights to convey sharp expressions. 

Transitioning to digital gave me the opportunity to find inspiration through travelling and to continue producing work, without being limited by my medium. Gradually I began adopting the look of oil paints in respects to the traditional medium, forming a unique relationship between old and new.


First Thursdays, Creative Debuts Showcase V - 4/6/15

First Thursdays, Creative Debuts Showcase VIII - 3/9/15

Hoxton Gallery | Creative Debuts x Hoxton Hotel - November 2015 - January 2016                                              

First Thursdays, Creative Debuts Showcase XIII - 3/3/16

Level39 x Creative Debuts Showcase - 26/1/17

The Auction Collective - 9/9/17


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