A Portrait of Melina

There's something very striking about that sort of pose, side profile, chin up, soft light hitting the front of the face. That's what had me want to paint from Julia Noni's photography. This one in particular is of model, Melina Gusto. Again like my last portrait, I kept it close to the original, with no major changes of my own, only very subtly in the details but that's it really. This colour palette isn't what I'd normally work with but having done so has now introduced me to new ideas. Doing frequent studies like this helps with general practice and definitely introduces you to new challenges. 

A2 print Melu Gesto (sRGB) (Moon) 2 copy.jpg

A Portrait Of Emmie

This is probably one of my favourites that i've done as of date - A portrait of Emmie (@emblu). Took around 20 hours all together, spanning over 3 days. I'm trying to push out a lot more work at the moment, seeing if I can get myself to draw every day, not necessarily aiming to finish something daily but to just get into a better habit of pushing myself to create all the time. I know i'm capable, and i'd say so far so good. My eyes are killing me now though, extremely strained, bloodshot and in need of a good rest. Tomorrow will be a chill day.