Live on Facebook!

The fan page on Facebook has now gone live, with a great response so far! It's been a long while in the planning and it's all finally coming together. The website is almost finished and more content will be added in the next couple months - the last thing to be done will be the shop where you'll be able to purchase prints and other cool stuff, but i'm still a little rusty with the whole ecommerce business so it'll take a little while. I still take on commissions however, that hasn't changed! 

It all started with making parkour videos as a hobby. That slowly had me drawn to other ways of expressing myself - I discovered photography which gradually evolved my attention and appreciation to the art in fashion, having only been involved with parkour in the past, it was refreshing to see that I could take my art in a different direction. That eventually had me drawn to illustration and graphic design, and so MORI was born, a place to showcase my work and get involved with projects!

See you soon!