A Portrait Of Tristan (Progress)

Marking the second in my hyperrealism series, this one is around 1/5 complete. This progress shot isn't as it looks now, and it'll probably be the last update in a good while. I'm already getting ahead of myself and have planned a couple more portraits to get done after this one (which I hope will be done before the end of this year). I've taken a while with this one due to work i've been doing in-between this project, but it's all flowing! 

A Portrait Of Olya

This has been the toughest portrait i've done so far. It took roughly 5 months to complete, a lot of frustration with some detailed areas and a a lot of patience was needed not to rush it. It's hard to figure how far you want to go in terms of how realistic you want it to appear. You can really lose your mind trying to put as much detail as possible and not knowing when to stop. The part that took the longest has probably got to be the lower half of the face like the lips. Not quite as long as Da Vinci took to completely Mona Lisa's lips, but yeah... It was a genuine mental challenge of patience for me, and since this is my first hyperrealistic attempt, I didn't really have an idea of timescale for such a project. 

All that aside, I couldn't be happier with how it came out. My proudest artistic moment. Now to begin my second in the series. Come visit again in 5 months or so haha.

Little Steps

Travelling has been a big part of my year so far and amazing things have happened. Having come back home completely broke and feeling the stress of reality kicking me up the backside, I've had a sudden boost in motivation to continue with Mori after neglecting it for quite some time and to pick up my Canon DSLR after months of only using my iphone. Feeling inspired!