My work is focused mostly on portraiture and events. From candid shots to story telling and posing, I always work with a natural colour science in post, grading to beautiful film stock standards. None of that over the top filter look, this is years of film stock study and research that has allowed me to create the best balance for the right moods.

Below you will find details of the services provided, as well as timelines of delivery. If you have any questions, please do contact me with any queries you may have.


Services delivered

I will shoot for you for the discussed time we will agree on beforehand.

After the shoot, you will receive between 20 to 40 final images, graded and cleaned up. If you would like to receive more, this can be discussed.

You will be sent the final images in both full resolution, and in a lower resolution format for use on social network sites, such as Instagram, facebook, VK etc. These will be split between two separate folders when you download them with the link supplied.

post Shoot timeline

Typically you will receive your images within 1 to 2 weeks. This is all dependant on how many photographs I need to go through from the shoot, and to what extent I need to edit. (Batching, organising and editing generally takes more time than the shoot itself).


Shoots will typically fall between £250 to £400. The price will depend on the total time of the shoot, and how many final images you expect. This is to be discussed.


Do not believe the idea that the better your gear is, the better your photography. A photographer that gloats about gear is missing the point, gear is just a tool. However to avoid answering this question, as some people have to know, i’ve added the details here - Currently using the new Fuji X-T3. It produces excellent image quality and its ergonomics allow me to work fast. I’ve been using the Fuji system for almost 2 years now and I know it in and out. The rest is up to my eye.